Intuitive Messages on Love, Health, Wealth and Romance

Relationships are a spiritual connection between two people and when they are in a harmonious vibration, it is blissful. Our relationships are in constant evolution, so our love meter and heart vibration can change, therefore our feelings of love can vary. If you would like to find a new lover or revive a current romance, you might want to get an Angel Blessing .                                                                   Get An Angel Blessing Now for $47.00 619-262-9951  online


God gave us humans many tools to help us on our journey through life. The human self has a an ego, alter ego, conscious, subconscious, personality and other parts.
Our spiritual self is composed of Guides, Guardian Angels and Past lives. Our Spirit Guide is a very important figure because he or she will guide us on our life’s purpose and as what we agreed to work on in this life time.

Each and every one of us have spirit guides. Spirit guides can see what’s going on in our life and they have many ways of guiding and protecting us. Our Spirit Guide may change and we will get a new one as we grow and is in need of more evolved guidance.

Spirit Guides have existed far before the birth of mankind and will continue to exist long after the last human walks the Earth. They were given to us by God. Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit or the Comforter. He said He would send the Holy Spirit to Guide and Comfort his people. The Holy Bible, say some people have the gift of prophecy and others have the ability to interpret the message given by the Holy Spirit.

Spirit guides are known by many names. For thousands of years, man has been aware that there are powerful beings that freely cross the cosmos and are even capable of bearing messages from the Source.

The ancient Greeks called spirit guides cosmic messengers, tasked with bearing truth and knowledge to humanity. Other cultures understand spirit guides as guardians of wisdom and of the gates of heaven and hell. Western culture knows them simply as Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, beings of light and goodness. The Bible speaks of Angels Unaware.

At each turning point in human history, man has never forgotten to record the existence of spirit guides or angels. Why?

The answer is simple: spirit guides continue to assist humans in their endeavors and the most receptive humans are rewarded the most. People who know how to speak to spirit guides and ask the right questions are able to maximize their many advantages in life.