Traditional Coaching:   The clients who seek our services is often  a woman, 35-65, who have encountered verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical or spiritual abuse;  someone who needs strength, courage, who want to increase her self-worth, self-value, self-appreciation, self-approval or want to improve her success or step into her greatness to increase her wealth.  hurdleIf you want to step out of your comfort zone and take bold actions to fulfill your dreams or if you want more loving or fulfilling relationships we can help.   $1.00 Secures Your Self-Discovery Session with Dr. Ida Greene (Valued at $500). To Schedule Your Session Go To:;, (619) 262-9951

Results Clients Achieve By Coaching With Me:  

  • Take back their power, be more successful; put no limits on what they can or cannot do.
  • Look at the situations in their life, in their communication where they were not clear or misunderstood and not let others manipulate, them with words or behavior.
  • Increase their self-love to heal the planet of all forms of abuse, hate, greed and violence.
  • Love themselves more deeply so unconditional love flows from them and overflows to their neighbors, co-workers, family members, and strangers on the streets.
  • Stand in their power to mean what they say and say what they mean.
  • Own their power by taking big risks, avoid limited thinking
  • Speak from their truth in a way the words they say are words of love and compassion
  • Have an optimistic, opulent mindset that uplifts them and others

Our Intuitive Coaching and other services: Channeled Messages From God, Angel Readings, and Past Life Regression Sessions are available by e-mail appointment on our website or call Dr. Ida at 619-262-9951

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Satisfied Clients: Testimonials

VIP Coaching Day 09.7.15

Dr. Ida has a beautiful heart and is clearly anointed by God. Her purpose is to spread love throughout the world by making people realize the importance of loving oneself before truly being able to love others. I had the honor of experiencing a VIP day with Dr. Ida, the focus was on my performance at work, and taking my career from good to great. During the intuitive session Dr. Ida uncovered the reason I lost the fire towards my career. It was due to an unexpected break up after an 8 year relationship. My joy was linked to the relationship and when it ended I was lost. Dr. Ida was able to peel back the calluses I developed from the break up by effectively asking questions and tuning into my spirit. I have regained the joy in my life and it is centered to pleasing God. I am off to the best month I have had since July. All glory is given to God for bringing Dr. Ida into my life. I highly recommend taking the VIP Coaching Day and experiencing her anointing. It will change your life like it changed mine.   Isiah B.

Dr. Ida’s Intuitive Messages..….

Dr. Ida’s, message was fantastic. She is a different kind of esoteric healer and coach. Her message comes from a pure source. I recommend her for anyone who is seeking clarity and a deeper consciousness with the esoteric.  She is an Angel.    Norma Hollis

Professional Coaching

“Dr. Ida Greene’s coaching helped me clearly identify my next steps in moving forward. Thank you, Dr. Ida.”    Dr. Constance Cook-Core, San Diego, CA