Our Services

Our Services Are: Coaching, Workshops, Retreats, Angel Blessings, Intuitive Consultations on Romance/Love, Health, Wealth, Angel Messages, and Past Life integration.

To have a break through, we offer a: six month and one year Coaching Program.  If you would like to get on the fast tract, I suggest a Half or Whole “VIP Day” with me.

Our Spiritual Services are: Channeled Prophetic Messages from God, Angel Readings, and Past Life Regression/Integration..

Our spiritual services provide the guidance you need to help you grow your personal power to eliminate the people, situations and things that have taken away your self approval, self love, and self worth, so you can own, your inner power, and accept your Greater Self.

After going through our programs you will notice increased Personal Empowerment, increased Self Value, Self Appreciation, Self Acceptance, increased Self Confidence in your People Skills and Relationships.

You can be the  beacon of light and Love that lifts and sustainsyou on a daily basis. Learn how to move the daily obstacles that keep you from being your best in all areas of your life. We show you to get out of your way, be your best self, so your best self shows up at all times.


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