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I am Dr. Ida Greene, PhD., Intuitive Relationship Coach, Registered Nurse, Licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapist, certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and ordained Minister. I have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams and goals in life through hypnotherapy and other specialized therapies like neurolinguistic programming. In my long practice with people from all walks of life,

I have discovered that our journey through life is closely aligned to our journey to self love. I started on my journey to self love many years ago when I left my abusive husband. After he hit me the third time, I had a dialogue with myself. I said I love me and I don’t hit me, if he loved me he would not hit me. Maybe he does not love me.

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Then my mind started dwelling on “I am living with someone who does not love me; and I decided to divorce my husband. When I told him of my decision and the physical abuse and stalking increased. I wanted to be certain of my decision to leave my husband so I tried counseling, marriage encounter/marriage enrichment groups, counseling with my minister and nothing helped. I was of and on with my lawyer about completing the divorce. My husband had relations with many women during our marriage, and was the reason for our divorce.

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My rock bottom was when a woman came to my house looking for him. she knocked on the door and said she was looking for Luther Lewis. I said that is my husband. Her reply was “he is just living with, he is not married to you. I felt very hurt and disrespected and decided at that moment they could have each other and that I would give him the freedom he needed. As I navigated my divorce from my husband I had many layers of trauma before it ended; however I started on my journey to love myself by working on my self-esteem, self-worth and self appreciation.

I worked on my healing by counseling and holding domestic violence and management groups for abused women and children. I have completed that journey of service and I am now back on my journey to self-love. So I now ask you the same question I asked myself many years back…
Are You Getting the Love You Deserve, Are You Being Appreciated, Loved, and Respected? If You Want to Experience More Love, Joy, and Satisfaction in Your Life, consider enrolling in one of our programs.

I have discovered that one of the most instrumental factors that help people overcome virtually any obstacle in life is the presence of the Holy Spirit, Guides and Angels.

People who have a positive guiding influence in their lives recover from problems more quickly and are happier and more successfully in life as well.

We help you manage your personal power by looking at the people, situations, and things that take from your self love. To find out how to have a fulfilling life in all areas, get the love you deserve, and love yourself unconditionally, visit https://www.journeytolovingyourself.com to attend the next Journey to Self-Love Workshop.